Beyond the strictly legal aspect, playing on the betting web sites certified by the AAMS is a guarantee for both the user and the bookmaker.This is because sensitive data, sums of money paid and winnings must be treated with the utmost respect for the rules established by AAMS. For this reason it is good to be wary of sites that do not have this authorization, since the risk is to lose your money, to be able to give away your personal data to a platform that is not controlled by the State and that operates illegally.Furthermore, as mentioned above, bookmakers are also protected, as playing on the portal of a bookmaker authorized by ADM means taking responsibility for their own actions, even with respect to the regulations established by the institution. When the infractions occur, it is the user who firstly answers with fines or other penalties. The Customs and Monopolies Agency, therefore, also guarantees the safeguarding of gaming platforms against violations and abuses by annoying customers. Recognizing a legal site, therefore legitimized by AAMS, is not difficult. In fact, most of the authorized sites, at the bottom of the page, carry the AAMS logo: a semicircle with the Italian tricolor, even the aams writing (in lower case) legal and responsible game. In addition to this, on online betting sites, in order to have an additional guarantee it is a good idea to include the license grant number and a special page dedicated to responsible gaming (for example take the site of a well-known Italian betting operator who affixes the logos on each page of the portal).

For several reasons it may happen that the AAMS logo is not present on the bookmaker’s page. It is important to know that this lack is not always synonymous with illegality or a site that operates illegally. The moment you find yourself in such a situation, it is good to make inquiries that do not require too much research time. It will be sufficient to go to the official site of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and here look for a list of remote bookmakers and dealers (both online and non-authorized) authorized by AAMS.In the event that, after these investigations, your bookmaker was not present on the reference site, the advice is to let go and not to hand over your money to third parties not authorized by the state.…

Bwin is one of the best betting web sites company, based in Gibraltar, but has offices in many European and non-European countries. It is a company that deals with bets, as we have already said, but at the highest level, becoming a mix between sport, action and emotions, but above all, safety. Bwin, being one of the most important and “older” companies in the online sports betting business, takes all the responsibility for safe gaming: users will find themselves faced with a transparent and responsible gaming platform, in which each player can dare, but depending on their finances and minimizing any kind of problem. If you want to watch sports matches via streaming, live, there’s nothing simpler. First of all, you need to have a Bwin account, which must have a positive balance, even a few cents. Then, just go to the Live section, present in the horizontal menu, on the main page. After selecting the Live option, there will be a rich schedule with the sports followed and available on Bwin and the events that are taking place Live. After looking at the schedule with the matches and the matches available, just choose the sporting event you want and indicate that you want to follow the live broadcast. If the user is new to the Bwin betting platform, he must follow some easy instructions. The user must enter the betting site on Bwin’s sports events, then, he must register on the site completely free of charge. The user must enter their personal details, such as name, surname, country of residence, sex and method of payment. Once the payment method is chosen, you must make a payment to the account of a minimum of 10 euros. In the first three months of registration, the user will be entitled to a bonus of 50% of the net losses of the first month, up to a maximum of 100 euros and a bonus equal to 25% of the net losses of the second month and the third month, up to a maximum of 50 euros. Once the registration is complete, you will find the option Live Bet, which is present on the homepage and, in this way, you can select an event from the Bwin Streaming Live, which has the icon of a video nearby. At this point, you can start the video of the element, which is located in the upper right corner and click on the Play button, to start the video. Depending on the money you have available on your personal Bwin account, you can watch a certain time of the match or live event chosen.…

Proper Care of Indoor String Lights

Without proper care, even the highest quality and toughest pieces will not last for very long. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how it takes good care of the accessories. The following tips will come in handy in regards to proper care of indoor string lights.

Use Them in the Right Setting

As clearly stated, these are indoor lights. So why would you use them outdoors? Chances are they aren’t build to withstand the outdoor environment. They will get messed by the elements since they won’t be waterproof and weatherproof. Too much moisture, dust and dirt may find its way inside the connections and other parts. This may lead to corrosion, rust, and short circuiting. Besides, since the outdoor environment is much tougher, the materials may start deteriorating sooner rather than later. It’s critical that you use them on indoors as specified by the manufacturer.

Avoid Pulling Them Too Hard

Like any other product, the lights are designed to be handled gently. It doesn’t matter if they look very solid or heavy-duty. They comprise of fine wires which can easily get broken, the contacts may also come loose or even break a hence making the accessory not to function well. You should unwrap them from the park gently, handle within with care, and also ensure you install them cautiously. Avoid folding them too much, pulling them or stepping or seating on them. If you do this, you’ll definitely have them around for a long time.

Don’t Expose Them to Lots of Heat

One mistake many people make is to expose them to much heat. They will do this knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, they may place them near a lamp, lighting fixture, fireplace, heat exchanger, and other places. The high heat will lead to the accessory warping or melting. It will also get scorched and burnout. This definitely shortens the lifespan. You should make certain that they are fitted in a cool place.

Don’t Leave Them Turned On For Too Long

Modern lights have become more energy efficient and durable than earlier types. They will emit brighter lighting and consumer lower energy. They can also last for a longer period and will remain consistent. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t leave them turned on for too long. First, this wastes energy and will increase the power bills. Secondly, it shortens the lifespan since there is increased wear and tear. Third, they are likely to get too hot and start melting or burn out.

Store Them Properly

How you store them will influence how long they will last. If you simply fold them roughly and pack them in a box, they will not last for long. If you place them together with other things, this also shortens their lifespan. Always store them on in their own in a nice location. Roll them gently, without tugging them and place them in a nice and clean location. Don’t put then together with hard, tough or sharp objects. Once stored ensure you place them in a cool …

Top 9 benefits of unsecured business loans for SMEs

Unsecured business loansare undoubtedly one of the best forms of financing available to small and medium scale enterprises. This is mainly due to not having to attach any form of collateral and relatively fast processing time. Apart from these two benefits, there are plenty more advantages to these collateral-free business loans. These loans could boost these small businesses and uplift their operations.  These loans are granted based on the potential of the business, by evaluating their credit score and other such factors.

Small businesses need not have to limit their growth and development due to financial constraints anymore. If used well, with effective planning these loans could help achieve exceptional results.

9 reasons why unsecured business loans are beneficial to SMEs

  1. No collaterals required: The biggest advantage of having an unsecured business loan is that there is absolutely no need to provide any collateral as a guarantee against the loan amount to be repaid. Unlike other loans, this form of financial aid is dependent on the business and the credit score of the individual. It is not based on the estimated value of the attached tangible property.
  2. Easy Process: The application process is simple and does not require excessive involvement of an individual. It can be applied online in a few simple steps and the borrower will be guided throughout the process.
  3. Minimal Documentation: Documentation required to apply for such loans is minimal compared to traditional business loans. Most institutions just need you to provide a basic list of documents such as GST certificates, financial statements, ITR statements, etc. to have a clear understanding of your business’ financial standing and history. Most times, they may only ask you to provide them with the soft copy of these documents, which can save the stress in physical submission and misplacements of documents.
  4. Faster Processing Period: The processing time taken to sanction such loans, under the right circumstances to the eligible candidates is much faster as compared to traditional business loans. This might also be due to the reduced documentation. These loans can be availed within 5 days if all the conditions are properly met.
  5. Flexible Repayment Options: The banks and other financial institutions understand the problems a small business owner may face while repaying loans. To make it more suitable to them, these institutions readily offer flexible options to repay the amount taken as loan.
  6. Numerous financial institutions providing loans:There is a growing amount of financial institutions and banks that provide unsecured business loans. Some terms and conditions or eligibility criteria may differ from each institution. The SME owner can compare the various options available and choose to apply where it suits his business the best.
  7. Unrestricted Financing:There’s no restriction on the way in which the money may be used and this decision solely depends on the comprehension of the borrower. Banks or lending parties do not interfere in business These businesses could use this liberty to invest in the department they feel is most important to profit from additional

Every year, when the holidays are approaching, you may still be asking the same questions: to whom should you give a customer gift? What kind of gift? Should we do in the traditional or innovate? The answers are in the lines that follow. You can opt for custom corporate gifts or custom paper bags as gifts for your customers.

The Customer Gift: The Goal

It is immediately obvious that as a company, the fact that you offer a customer gift is a way to retain your customers, to please them, to thank them, to let them know that you are indebted to them or to thank them. Mark your presence with them. It is also a custom that has the advantage of maintaining relationships, especially business relationships.

Nevertheless, you must be careful not to overdo it so as not to annoy your customers. You must also know a little more about them in order to offer a gift at the right price and at the right time. At the same time, you can take the opportunity to market with your logo or slogan.

When to Offer a Customer Gift?

You can do it all year long by taking advantage of an occasion such as a birthday, a national holiday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, etc. A customer gift falling at the right time is a point you have marked.

When the end of year holidays are not far away, a gift on the theme of Christmas is for example a great way to be grateful for the loyalty of your customers who, by your gesture, will in turn have more confidence in your company. If it’s a New Year’s gift, you stress your desire to continue your collaboration for the New Year.

Who to Give and at What Price?

A customer gift is not necessarily for your customers, who are the source of your annual turnover. You also need to think about your employees and partners who are essential to the smooth running of your business. It can be a director or a manager, or even an assistant or an accountant.

It is also important not to do too much in the expensive. The price of a gift is not significant because only its value counts. The general rule is not to exceed 1% of profits for gifts.

What Kind of Customer Gift?

People are more sensitive to gifts that have a special (non-pecuniary) value. As a customer gift, you do not have to confine yourself to conventional and serious articles.

If you are in good relationship with a client, play on the sensitivity by choosing the gift that will touch his affect so that this relationship is improved. After, you can always opt for the great classics that are very popular: a box of chocolate, a bottle of wine, a watch (for private customers).…

Corporate Relocation Industry: Everything You Need To Know

Globalization and rapid development has led to a rise in expansion opportunities for businesses, and corporate relocation enables businesses to redirect resources to locations as per requirement.

Corporate relocation has been growing at a steady rate, driven by an increasing number of international assignments in the US, Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, India,and China. Earlier valued at $28 billion in 2016, the corporate relocation industry is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 3-4 percent, reaching $30 billion by 2018.

What is Corporate Relocation?

Corporate relocation takes place when an employer transfers an employee from a current location to another location either domestically or internationally and pays for the moving expenses. Depending on the location and whether the assignment is domestic or international, the employer arranges for the required legal documentation, travel, and any other expense coverage, which is overall referred to as a “relocation package”.

Due to the increase in the number of domestic and international assignments, companies often prefer to outsource the employee relocation process entirely, giving rise to the corporate relocation industry. By outsourcing the process, businesses are able to conduct the relocation process smoothly and according to the requirements of the destination location.

Factors Driving Corporate Relocation Industry

The recovery of western economies from recession combined with developing economies opening up opportunities for foreign investments has led to a greater interest for companies to expand internationally. Rise in the number of IT and consulting assignments and expansion of operations of Fortune 500 organizations have led to a great demand for corporate relocation and outsourcing of relocation services to global service providers.

Specialized service providers of the corporate relocation industry offer end-to-end solutions including legal expertise regarding visas, taxation and residency requirements, and technology platforms to track expense management. Buyers can also opt for standalone services as required, such as payroll support, taxation or spousal support from regional niche providers.


Establishing a presence in an international location and working around the local regulatory complexities becomes a challenge unique to each location. Different nations have different requirements and immigration restrictions and accordingly, the corporate relocation industry has evolved.

Any relocation program comes with high costs, ranging from travel to setting up a new temporary residence, but when the relocation is taking place internationally, currency fluctuations further add to the costs. Due to the high costs involved in corporate relocations, companies generally prefer to keep a shorter tenure for international assignments.

In Latin American countries like Brazil and Argentina, the market is still at a nascent stage as global players are hampered by local restrictions. In comparison, the industry has flourished in the Middle East as large numbers of international assignments increase the demand for relocation services in the region. Outsourcing of relocation services to global service providers has also been accelerated in India, China, and South Africa.

The Employee Factor

A change in environment requires adjustment from the end of the employee, so as to integrate socially and culturally into the new surroundings and give …