March 2019

Top 9 benefits of unsecured business loans for SMEs

Unsecured business loansare undoubtedly one of the best forms of financing available to small and medium scale enterprises. This is mainly due to not having to attach any form of collateral and relatively fast processing time. Apart from these two benefits, there are plenty more advantages to these collateral-free business loans. These loans could boost these small businesses and uplift their operations.  These loans are granted based on the potential of the business, by evaluating their credit score and other such factors.

Small businesses need not have to limit their growth and development due to financial constraints anymore. If used well, with effective planning these loans could help achieve exceptional results.

9 reasons why unsecured business loans are beneficial to SMEs

  1. No collaterals required: The biggest advantage of having an unsecured business loan is that there is absolutely no need to provide any collateral as a guarantee against the loan amount to be repaid. Unlike other loans, this form of financial aid is dependent on the business and the credit score of the individual. It is not based on the estimated value of the attached tangible property.
  2. Easy Process: The application process is simple and does not require excessive involvement of an individual. It can be applied online in a few simple steps and the borrower will be guided throughout the process.
  3. Minimal Documentation: Documentation required to apply for such loans is minimal compared to traditional business loans. Most institutions just need you to provide a basic list of documents such as GST certificates, financial statements, ITR statements, etc. to have a clear understanding of your business’ financial standing and history. Most times, they may only ask you to provide them with the soft copy of these documents, which can save the stress in physical submission and misplacements of documents.
  4. Faster Processing Period: The processing time taken to sanction such loans, under the right circumstances to the eligible candidates is much faster as compared to traditional business loans. This might also be due to the reduced documentation. These loans can be availed within 5 days if all the conditions are properly met.
  5. Flexible Repayment Options: The banks and other financial institutions understand the problems a small business owner may face while repaying loans. To make it more suitable to them, these institutions readily offer flexible options to repay the amount taken as loan.
  6. Numerous financial institutions providing loans:There is a growing amount of financial institutions and banks that provide unsecured business loans. Some terms and conditions or eligibility criteria may differ from each institution. The SME owner can compare the various options available and choose to apply where it suits his business the best.
  7. Unrestricted Financing:There’s no restriction on the way in which the money may be used and this decision solely depends on the comprehension of the borrower. Banks or lending parties do not interfere in business These businesses could use this liberty to invest in the department they feel is most important to profit from additional