A Little Bit About the Second Amendment History

People used guns for hunting and for protection against wild animals in our Colonial history. It might be shocking to hear, but they also needed them to protect against human threats. Equally shocking to hear is that the human threat has not fully abated. Murder and violent crime rates are actually on the decline when you look at the statistics. However, what do you say to the person who could have possibly not lost a loved one to a violent crime if the person was trained and had a gun? The history of the 2nd Amendment in our country is actually a lot more about having guns, whether they be rifles, shotguns or handguns as the Colonists had them all, for personal protection.

Our ancestors did not live in a lawless society. There was no anarchy then as there is none now. If anything, more people showed more respect and deferred to being non-violent against their fellow human beings. There were a lot of guns back then, and there are a lot now. If you actually look at the comparative social mindset of how we should treat our neighbors, then the need for guns in the home for personal protection is increased now. Even the worst anecdotal evidence demonstrates that there are more and more people with a complete disregard for human life. And though the rates of these crimes per capita are falling, the horrific nature of the ones that do happen seem to have exponentially increased over the years. I, for one, do not want to be a passive victim, and I think being able to possess guns for personal protection makes sense.

I have no criminal record, and I could pass any psychiatric test. I am of reasonable intelligence, and I have a good reputation among my neighbors, family and friends. Would you wholesale deny me the right to own or bear a weapon for my protection and the protection of my family? Would you be there to help me instead if my right to have a means of protection is infringed upon?