How to Plan your Office Party

Are you thinking of holding an office party?  Your primary objective is to create an environment where your co-workers stop talking about work and start interacting as friends. Check out this guide on how to make it successful.

1) Location, Location, Location!

Decide where you want to hold the office party. Ask yourself if you have the budget to have it at an outside venue. Or maybe, financially it makes more sense to hold it in office.

For a Christmas party, you may want to hire a venue in London.

For larger, grander events a fancier location may be in order. There are plenty of hotels, museums, or other nice buildings that are equipped to hold events. For events that are smaller look into renting a room at a pub or even a village hall. Use google as your aid to find great locations.

2) Choose Your Date

It is important to fix your date as early as possible. This will give people notice so they do not have to rearrange their schedules. It will also give you a better shot at getting your preferred venue.

Choosing a date can be especially hard with a large group of people. It may be easiest to work with your venue and come up with a couple of dates. You can then ask people to vote on the date that works best for them.

3) Invitations

Now that the venue and date are secured it is time to notify your guests. Sometimes a “save the date” email is a good way to have people initially put the event on their calendar. You can then follow it up with a formal invitation. Or, simply send the invitations with all the details out immediately.

4) Pick The Theme

This step is very important. It sets the stage for the entire party. Some popular themes are “under the sea” or “Paris.” Whatever you decide or whatever you decide with your party planner make sure to pick something that will be sure to attract your guest.

After you pick the theme it’s time to start planning the details. It is a good idea to make a list of all the decorations you will need and get shopping!

5) Pick The Menu

A good menu will make a good party. 2-3 months before the event you need to start thinking about whether you need a caterer or what kind of food you would like to serve. Talk with your venue to see if they have an in-house catering company or a preferred caterer.

When you are planning the menu, it is important to make sure to know if there are any special food allergies or requirements. For instance, you should always have a vegetarian option, and maybe even a vegan dish. It is important to make your guests feel taken care of even if they have special food requests.

Caterers can be a great tool for a party. They will give you ideas or even present you a few menus to choose from. Together you can choose side dishes and desserts.

6) Decide on The Beverages.

Beverages are a very important part to any party. Make sure you check with your venue to see if they include any beverage packages. If not, you need to make sure you have a good selection and enough for the entire night.

It is recommended to allow each guest at least 2 drinks in the first hour of the party and plan for 1 drink after that. If you would like to serve wine with the meal plan on 2 people per bottle.

It is necessary to provide non-alcoholic options for those who do not want to drink alcohol. This can include soft drinks, seltzer water, and maybe even a virgin drink. Again, you never want to make anyone feel excluded because of a dietary choice.

Also, keep in mind you need to make sure that the guests are drinking is a safe and responsible manner. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic choices to those who may have had too much alcohol.

7) Plan The Entertainment For The Evening.

Check with your venue to see if any entertainment comes with your party package. If not, it is up to you to choose the entertainment. This can be as simple as making sure there is music playing to arranging a band. You may want to have a dance floor installed. If you have the extra money there are a variety of performers you could hire to come entertain the party.