How to Recognize Sites for Legal Bets with and Without the AAMS Logo

Beyond the strictly legal aspect, playing on the betting web sites certified by the AAMS is a guarantee for both the user and the bookmaker.This is because sensitive data, sums of money paid and winnings must be treated with the utmost respect for the rules established by AAMS. For this reason it is good to be wary of sites that do not have this authorization, since the risk is to lose your money, to be able to give away your personal data to a platform that is not controlled by the State and that operates illegally.Furthermore, as mentioned above, bookmakers are also protected, as playing on the portal of a bookmaker authorized by ADM means taking responsibility for their own actions, even with respect to the regulations established by the institution. When the infractions occur, it is the user who firstly answers with fines or other penalties. The Customs and Monopolies Agency, therefore, also guarantees the safeguarding of gaming platforms against violations and abuses by annoying customers. Recognizing a legal site, therefore legitimized by AAMS, is not difficult. In fact, most of the authorized sites, at the bottom of the page, carry the AAMS logo: a semicircle with the Italian tricolor, even the aams writing (in lower case) legal and responsible game. In addition to this, on online betting sites, in order to have an additional guarantee it is a good idea to include the license grant number and a special page dedicated to responsible gaming (for example take the site of a well-known Italian betting operator who affixes the logos on each page of the portal).

For several reasons it may happen that the AAMS logo is not present on the bookmaker’s page. It is important to know that this lack is not always synonymous with illegality or a site that operates illegally. The moment you find yourself in such a situation, it is good to make inquiries that do not require too much research time. It will be sufficient to go to the official site of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and here look for a list of remote bookmakers and dealers (both online and non-authorized) authorized by AAMS.In the event that, after these investigations, your bookmaker was not present on the reference site, the advice is to let go and not to hand over your money to third parties not authorized by the state.