Office Design Made Easy

On average the worker will spend around 40 hours a week in the office so you need to make sure the office is comfortable and safe. When you are hiring the employees it is up to you to make sure the office meets the standards that are in place to provide a space that is free from the risks in the office.

When you decide to design the inside of your office, you need to realise a major priority is the style and look for the clients, but also the safety of the employees. With that being the case, we have come up with some of the best items to consider when you are designing the office without compromising on the safety or style.
Your Responsibility As The Employer Regarding Health And Safety Legislation

In 1974 an act was passed that tells that it is the duty of the employer to ensure the safety and welfare of the employees as much as practical. The main idea and theme of this legislation is to provide a system of work that is going to be safe from any type of health issues but also have the training that is needed as well to guarantee the employees know what to do to minimise the health risk when working.

Anywhere you are working is required to have a risk assessment carried out on a regular basis to know what kind of fire or risk hazards are present and remove them if possible. A great way to start this is to take a tour of the office or building to find the hazards and write them down, then you can classify them on the problems that need to be changed right away. Informing decorating companies like HL Decorating Contractors, before any decorating work is carried out on the building, is also an important measure to take.


A great consideration to make when you are working on the office design is the amount of lights. If the lights are not lit properly or they do not have the proper bulbs installed it will increase the risk of injury. So you will want to make sure you design the office to have the maximum amount of natural light.

Fire Safety

When you are able to, you need to make sure you remove or reduce all the risk of the fire hazards that are in the office, but also make sure the fire systems are in place and working properly.

This could even include making sure the doors are open and can be easily accessed and making sure you have the proper fire extinguishers in place. You will find the kitchen, a warehouse, and other locations that have flammable products is a great area to put your extinguisher and alarms.


You will want to make sure the layout of the office is completely designed right as it will allow your employees to be more productive. The key point to avoid violating any of the health and safety regulations is to make sure the flow around the office is not obstructed by any type of hazards and the fire escape routes are open.


When you are looking at this aspect, you will see it impacts the hygiene of the employees so you will want to make sure you have enough washrooms handy. The bathrooms will also need to be cleaned on a regular basis and have the proper amount of soap and hand dryers available.


When you are looking at the health you will find that it will include drinking water, heating and cooling, but also a place to eat meals in a comfortable area away from the desk. You will also want to make sure you have the air ducts cleaned on a regular basis.